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MEN HEALTH . These are healthy and have enough nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Carbohydrates with starch: starchy carbohydrates help you gain healthy weight. Include potatoes, quinoa, oats, corn, beans and legumes, pumpkin, buckwheat, etc. And in a few days, you will see the results that will undoubtedly surprise you. Dark Chocolate: It has a high density in calories and, therefore, can also have some positive effects on your goal of weight gain. Be sure to add a healthy amount and if you have any other health problems, consult your doctor first. Consume more calories than your body needs is the only secret to gain weight, take this into account and adopt a healthy diet plan to help you achieve your goal immediately. Empathy is an important life skill, which means feeling for others and understanding what they feel by putting themselves in someone's place. This improves the ability to understand and respect others. Since children are not born naturally to empathize, they learn it through outdoor activities. In this post, I will highlight some ways in which the game fosters empathy skills in children. 1. Cooperation Playing outdoors has to do with teamwork, which in turn is linked to coopveration. While playing in a group, each member has to interact and support another to reach the desir

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