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Night Vision Tac Glasses Reviews Bell+Howell
Today, one company in Mexico cranks out 12 million marbles every day, and then ships them to an amazing 35 nations throughout the world!
Marble madness 
Fortunately, playing a game of marbles with your kids won't require 12 million of them:

- A minimum of 14 marbles: 13 -mibs- marbles and 1 -shooter- marble 
- A circle

- Every player chooses how many Night Vision Tac Glasses Reviews Bell+Howell marbles they'll use during the game 
- Draw a circle with a diameter of 3-10 feet (use bigger circles for better players) 
- Put 13 -mibs- (smaller marbles) in the circle's center, creating an -X- or an -O- 
- A player flicks a shooter to knock out at least 1 mib from the circle, without the shooter rolling out of the circle. If a player achieves this objective, he can shoot again from where the shooter landed. 
- The player gets 1 point for each mib knocked out of the circle. Also, other players' shooters can be knocked out of the circle. 
- If the player: 1) fails to knock out at least 1 mib, or 2) his shooter rolls outside the circle, the player must place the shooter within the circle. 
- After all of the original mibs have been hit outside the circle, the player with the highest number of points is declared the winner!

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